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Adobe Acrobat X Classroom in a Book: Actions

Chapter Description

Learn how to run an action in Acrobat Pro, create an action, create an instruction step for an action, set options in steps so the user doesn’t need to provide input, prompt the user for input on specific steps, and share an action.

Sharing actions

You can share actions you create or edit with other users.

  1. Choose File > Action Wizard > Edit Actions.
  2. Select the Prepare Multimedia Presentation action, and click Export.
  3. Name the action Prepare Multimedia Presentation (the default name), save it in the Lesson11 folder, and click Save.

The action file is saved with an .sequ extension. You can copy .sequ files or email them to other users. To open a .sequ file that someone has sent you, click Import in the Edit Actions dialog box, and select the action file.

  1. Click Close to close the Edit Actions dialog box. Then close any open documents, and quit Acrobat.
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