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Adobe Acrobat X Classroom in a Book: Actions

Chapter Description

Learn how to run an action in Acrobat Pro, create an action, create an instruction step for an action, set options in steps so the user doesn’t need to provide input, prompt the user for input on specific steps, and share an action.

Review answers

  1. An action is a collection of steps: Some steps, such as adding tags to a document, can be performed automatically by Acrobat. Some steps, such as removing hidden information, require input as to what to remove or add, or which settings to use. Other steps, such as adding bookmarks, cannot be done automatically, because you need to use human discretion to create and name the bookmarks
  2. To include a step that isn’t predefined in Acrobat, click Add Instruction Step, and then type instructions to the user.
  3. To share an action, choose File > Action Wizard > Edit Actions, select the action you want to share, and click Export. Then send the resulting .sequ file to the person you want to share the action with.