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An Introduction to 3D in Flash

Article Description

One of the main reasons that the Flash platform has remained as popular as it has for so long is that Flash has continuously evolved to meet the demands of its audience. In the first of a series of articles on using 3D in Flash applications, Chris Florio, contributor to ActionScript 3.0 for Flash Professional CS5 Classroom in a Book, shows how to use 3D features (and limitations) that currently exist in Flash Professional CS5 and in Flash Player 10 using both the Flash interface and ActionScript.
Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

If you have some ActionScript experience, this should be enough to get you started using 3D interactively in Flash. If you are new to ActionScript 3.0, hopefully this example will interest you enough to further explore the 3D possibilities of Flash and ActionScript.

In addition to the ActionScript 3.0 Classroom in a Book, another book that goes into more detail about many of the techniques used here is Keith Peter’s excellent Making Things Move—Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Animation (Friends of Ed).

Next month, we will look at more 3D possibilities in Flash using a third-party 3D engine. This will lay a foundation for working with the new MoleHill features when they are released so that you can be part of the Flash 3D revolution.