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Creating High Dynamic Range Images with Photomatix Light 2.0

Article Description

High Dynamic Range (or HDR) photographs have an “image problem,” if you’ll pardon the pun. Aside from the assumption that all HDR images have an unnatural, painterly quality to them (not so!), there is also the perception that it is difficult to create HDR photos. Photoshop master Dan Moughamian presents the second in a series of articles focused on affordable and quick High Dynamic Range (HDR) software tools that can help you get started with your own HDR photography portfolio. This article covers Photomatix Light 2.0, which is an application sold by French developer HDR Soft.
Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Photomatix Light 2 is becoming my favorite app when I want to create an HDR image very quickly, and maintain control over the parts of the creative process that are most important to me. And while it’s missing some of the fine-grained controls of Photomatix Pro, the interface is actually easier to manage and use because everything is contained in one window. The final result from our example can be seen in Figure 8, after a minor curves tweak in Photoshop.