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Why Adobe Soundbooth Users Fall in Love with Audition

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Maxim Jago, author of Introducing Adobe Audition CS5.5: Learn by Video, salutes the features Soundbooth brought to video editors and beckons you to discover the power and elegance Audition now brings to Adobe Creative Suite 5.5. He compares the two tools and shares his joy as an Audition user.
What's So Special About Audition?

What's So Special About Audition?

With all that Soundbooth has to offer, why would you want to switch? Well, how about using an application that does everything you already do with Soundbooth—but faster and better? In fact, how about an application that looks broadly the same (albeit with many more buttons and switches), so the learning curve is pretty easy?

All the Soundbooth tasks are present but in different places, with more advanced controls and better performance (see Figure 3). This is more than just a grown-up version of Soundbooth. Actually, Soundbooth was the child of Audition; much of the core functionality of Soundbooth was based on Audition, but with simplified controls. However, the original is still the best.

It is true that Audition has a lot of duplication, particularly in the effects controls, which sometimes confuses new users. Just when they think they've learned how to do something, they discover a different way of doing it. Did they learn it wrong the first time? Is there a "better" way and a "not as good" way? Why do tutorials seem to choose one path or another from A to B just…randomly? The simple answer, of course, is that much of the difference is personal preference. And frankly, that preference can come down to something as simple as whether you're holding a cup of coffee when you work (so you do more one-handed commands).

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