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Why Adobe Soundbooth Users Fall in Love with Audition

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Maxim Jago, author of Introducing Adobe Audition CS5.5: Learn by Video, salutes the features Soundbooth brought to video editors and beckons you to discover the power and elegance Audition now brings to Adobe Creative Suite 5.5. He compares the two tools and shares his joy as an Audition user.
Interoperability with Premiere Pro

Interoperability with Premiere Pro

You can select a whole sequence in Premiere Pro and send it to Audition. When you use this feature, Premiere Pro generates high-quality intermediate files for every clip in the sequence and links them all with an XML file that Audition can read. Premiere Pro can even render a DV-quality video file, so you can compose to the pictures inside Audition.

After you've completed your mix with Audition, you can send it back to Premiere Pro, either as a mix-down or as multiple stems—one audio file for each track. This isn't quite the same as the dynamic-link relationship between Premiere Pro and After Effects, where you can jump between the applications and see the results. Also, there is no ASND file format now, but if your workflow allows for "picture lock," you'll be in heaven. And did I mention that Audition supports Open Media Framework (OMF)?