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What’s New and Improved in Adobe Flash CS5.5

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Adobe Flash just keeps getting more powerful as the versions roll on, and CS5.5 is no exception. While those services are very useful, Adobe expert Brian Wood shows us how the latest version of Flash has something for everyone, and walks us through his top ten list of new features.
Export Vector as Bitmap

Export Vector as Bitmap

Most of us are concerned with Flash content publish size and run speed. Who doesn’t want to create Flash content that requires less of a CPU? Well, in Flash CS5.5, you can now export vector symbols as bitmaps when publishing a SWF file. Not only can this require less of a CPU in some cases, but it can also be very helpful if you plan on publishing that Flash content to mobile devices.

You can export as bitmap by selecting instances of movie clips or button symbols on the Stage, then choosing Export as Bitmap from the Render menu in the Properties panel (see Figure 3). This also allows you to set a background color for the bitmap as transparent (default) or opaque (a color). The original symbol is still vector, so you can still edit the symbol as vector, and the edits are then reflected in the instances on the Stage.

Figure 3 Convert vector artwork to bitmap when you export

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