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What’s New and Improved in Adobe Flash CS5.5

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Adobe Flash just keeps getting more powerful as the versions roll on, and CS5.5 is no exception. While those services are very useful, Adobe expert Brian Wood shows us how the latest version of Flash has something for everyone, and walks us through his top ten list of new features.
TLF (Text) Enhancements

TLF (Text) Enhancements

TLF was a pretty big step forward, and this version has a few more goodies for your text formatting options. You can now set tabs using the new Tab rulers, you can use style sheets with TLF text and ActionScript, and you can also exclude the ActionScript library that is included in your file when the SWF is compiled, saving previous space if you don’t plan on accessing the text via ActionScript. The tabs are nice, I think, but the fact that I can control TLF text using style sheets or remove extra file size if I don’t need it is great (see Figure 6).

Figure 6 Tabs added to TLF text

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