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Using the New Adobe Forms Central to Distribute PDF Forms

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Looking to create a form for a website, but don't know where to start? Adobe FormsCentral is a service that allows you to create, distribute, and analyze online forms. Adobe Certified Instructor Brian Wood shows you how you can create a good-looking form from either a template or from scratch, put it on a web page via a link or embed it directly, send it out via Twitter or other methods, collect responses, and save those responses as a PDF, Excel, or CSV (comma-separated text file).

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Creating a Form from a Template

Creating a Form from a Template

Some of us may hear “template” and cringe. To be honest, the templates in FormsCentral are really good-looking for forms. The best part about templates in this service is that you can edit them in any way, but are a really good way to jumpstart your form.

So let’s take the first steps to creating your first form.

  1. Log in to the FormsCentral service.
  2. After logging in for the first time, you will see two tabs in the upper–left corner of the web page called My Forms and Templates. Clicking between the two, you will see that My Forms shows all of the forms you have created (none yet), and clicking the Templates tab shows you a listing of all of the templates you can start your form from.
  3. Click the My Forms tab and click the big Start with a Template button. This is the same as clicking the Templates tab. You will see all of the templates available (see Figure 3). You can filter the type of form templates as well by clicking a category on the left side of the screen, like Registration.
  4. Figure 3 Taking a look at the form templates available

  5. Click the Registration category, then click the View button for the Event Registration template and choose Fillable Form to see the form “live” in another browser window (see Figure 4).
  6. Figure 4 Filter the form templates

  7. Fill out the form and click Submit to see what your users will see (see Figure 5). Note the message at the bottom of the form: a little advertising for FormsCentral. That would go away if you purchase.
  8. Figure 5 Preview and submit the form

  9. Close the form preview page, and go back to the Templates page. You can preview other forms, but let’s choose the Event Registration form by clicking the + New Form button. This creates your first form from that template and opens it in Design view for you (see Figure 6). This is where you can edit the form design and functionality, which is what you’ll do next.
  10. Figure 6 Choose your template and start the form editing process

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