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Adobe Business Catalyst: Building Web Forms to Gather Visitor Data

Chapter Description

In this chapter, you'll take a look at how the Business Catalyst Platform gathers information submitted by visitors and stores it in the database. This is a powerful component of the online business, because the data obtained by interested visitors can be used in a variety of ways.

Adding Web Forms to Pages with the 1-Click Insert Menu

Previously, you used Dreamweaver and the Module Manager to insert web forms on pages. In this section, you'll use the third option by accessing the 1-Click Insert menu. This workflow is efficient if you've just built a form. Rather than navigating to the page in the Website section of the Admin Console, you can click the option in the sidebar of the Web Form Builder to add the form to a specific page immediately after creating it.

  1. While you are in the Web Form Builder interface, choose the option in the Action Box sidebar to Add Web Form to a web page.
  2. The 1-Click Insert window appears, displaying the list of web pages in the site. Scroll down and select the Suggestion Box page.
  3. The Suggestion Box page loads in the online editor. Place your cursor at the location on the page where you want to insert the Suggestion Box form (on the line below the existing header text).
  4. Use the 1-Click Insert menu to choose the option Insert This: Web Form. The HTML code for the form is inserted on the page (FIGURE 5.23).

    Figure 5.23

    Figure 5.23 The Suggestion Box form code is inserted on the page at the cursor's insertion point.

    The HTML form is inserted on the page in the online editor. If desired, you can make changes to the content of the page or click the HTML tab and edit the source code.

  5. Scroll down and click Save And Publish to upload the changes to the live site.

To see how the Suggestion Box works, switch to a browser window that displays the trial site. Click the link in the Our Company section of the footer to visit the Suggestion Box page. Enter information in the Suggestion Box fields and submit the form to experience how the form works on the front end of the site.

Next, return to the Admin Console and click the Home tab to visit the Dashboard. The Live Feed includes a link that describes the recent activity (FIGURE 5.24).

Figure 5.24

Figure 5.24 The Suggestion Box submission is listed in the Life Feed section of the Dashboard.

Click the link to view the Customer Summary page that corresponds to the e-mail address you used when you submitted the form. In the Action Box sidebar, click the Customer Cases option to view the list of cases, and then click the case link to see the form data displayed. If you want to reply to the customer, you could click the New Message link and send them an e-mail message within the system.

If you used a valid e-mail address when you set up your trial site, you can also check your Inbox to see the workflow notification message that was generated automatically when you submitted the Suggestion Box form.

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