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Web Analytics Action Hero: On the Road to Actionland

Chapter Description

In this chapter, you'll learn how to efficiently maneuver your way through Setupland so that you can punch your ticket and begin your valuable adventures in Actionland.

Actionland Is Not Fantasyland

Most organizations that have invested in web analytics had every intention of arriving at Actionland, but many have gotten lost along the way. For some companies, the promise of Actionland has felt more like Fantasyland, and frequently analysis has been the missing domino in their path to value.

Actionland is within reach of any company, but some changes may be required to gain admission. As a web analyst, your approach to analysis can be a critical success factor in helping your company to enter Actionland and initiate the process of optimizing your online business. Action heroes ensure that organizations not only get into Actionland but also return there on a regular basis. It's critical that more analysts and marketers become action heroes because the field of web analytics will not advance with reporting robots stuck in Setupland. In the next chapter, I'll outline what it takes to get a season pass to Actionland and how to become your company's equivalent of Chuck Norris for web analytics.