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Creating Layers with Lightroom and Perfect Layers 2

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Adobe plugin developer onOne Software recently unveiled its brand new Perfect Photo Suite 6. The suite includes seven well-known plugins that cover a wide range of photo-editing tasks. Photoshop expert Dan Moughamian showcases for you several of these new plugins, including Perfect Layers 2.
The Perfect Layers/Photo Suite Interface

The Perfect Layers/Photo Suite Interface

Once you’re ready, select your edited shots from the Filmstrip or the Library module and choose File > Plugin Extras > Perfect Photo Suite. The Perfect Layers plugin forms the basis of the suite application, acting as a “launch point” for opening the other plugins, if needed.

The Perfect Layers interface is easy to navigate and is set up much like Photoshop (Figure 2). There is a toolbar at top-left, and panels down the right side of the window. As we go through the example, you will see how several of these tools and panels fit into a typical workflow.

Figure 2 The Perfect Layers 2 interface (also called the “suite interface”) has much in common with Photoshop, but is focused exclusively on layering tasks.

For each image you select prior to opening Perfect Layers, a new layer will be added to the PSD file that is automatically created inside Perfect Layers 2. You can re-order the layers by clicking and dragging them in the Layers panel, just as you can in Photoshop. Make sure that the layer you want to mask portions of, is set above the layer that provides the replacement pixels.

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