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Basic Photo Corrections in Adobe Photoshop CS6

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Adobe Photoshop includes a variety of tools and commands for improving the quality of a photographic image. This lesson steps you through the process of acquiring, resizing, and retouching a photo intended for a print layout. The same basic workflow applies to web images.

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Replacing colors in an image

Replacing colors in an image

Use the Color Replacement tool to paint over one color with another. When you start painting with the Color Replacement tool, it analyzes the first pixels you paint over. Because it then only replaces pixels of a similar color, you don’t have to be terribly precise as you paint. You can select settings that determine whether the tool paints over contiguous or discontiguous pixels, and how much color difference the tool accepts.

You’ll use the Color Replacement tool to change the color of the child’s cap in the image of the playground.

  1. Zoom in to see the child’s cap clearly.
  2. Select the Color Replacement tool (Image) in the Tools panel, hidden behind the Brush tool (Image).
  3. Click the Foreground Color swatch in the Tools panel. In the Color Picker, select a shade of green. We selected an RGB color with the values R=49, G=184, and B=6.
  4. You’ll paint the foreground color over the red hat.

  5. In the options bar, open the Brush pop-up panel to view brush options.
  6. Move the Size slider to 13 pixels, the Hardness slider to 40%, and the Spacing slider to 25%. Choose Off from the Size and Tolerance menus.
  7. In the options bar, choose Hue from the Mode menu. Then click Sampling: Continous (Image) (the button next to the Hue menu). Choose Find Edges from the Limits menu, and set the Tolerance to 32%. Make sure Anti-Alias is selected.
  8. Begin painting in the middle of the hat, and paint out toward the edges.
  9. Choose a smaller brush, if you like, and continue painting out towards the edges of the hat. You can zoom in if needed.
  10. When the hat is green, save the file.
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