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Tagging Clips to Places and Events in Premiere Elements 11


  1. Tagging clips to Places
  2. Tagging clips to Events

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Learn how to tag clips to places and events in Premiere Elements 11.
Tagging clips to Events

Tagging clips to Events

The Organizer has a Smart Events feature that you can use to find content without any tagging on your part. To see this function in action, click Events (exc01_032188372104.jpg), and then choose the Smart Events toggle in the Events top toolbar. This shows all content grouped by date in the Media browser, which you can navigate though using the vertical scroll bar on the right of the Media browser. Or, you can narrow your search by choosing a year, month, and/or day using the calendar on the right.

Sometimes, however, you’ll want to manually organize clips into Events—perhaps because like the Shuttle flight, the event took place over multiple days. Or, perhaps you shot video and pictures at more than one event on a particular day and need to break them into multiple events, like a wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Here’s the procedure for manually creating Events with the Adobe Organizer. For the purposes of this exercise, I’ll assume that the Space Shuttle mission was STS-135, the last mission flown.

  1. Click Events (exc01_032188372104.jpg) to enter Event view. Make sure Events is selected in the top toolbar, not Smart Events.
  2. On the Organizer’s bottom toolbar, click Add Event (exc01_032188372105.jpg). The Add New Event dialog appears on the right.
  3. Complete the information in the Add New Event dialog.
    • In the Name field, type STS-135.
    • Use the calendar controls to input a Start Date of 7/8/2011 and an End Date of 7/21/2011. It’s easiest if you choose the year first and then the date.
    • In the Description field, type Final Space Shuttle Mission.
  4. Assuming that you still have Lesson04 selected in the panel on the left, all content in the Media browser should relate to this mission. Press Ctrl+A (Windows) or Command+A (MacOS) to select all the content in the Media browser, drag it into the window beneath the description, and release your pointer. The Organizer adds this content to the mission event.
  5. On the bottom right of the Add New Event dialog, click Done. The Organizer creates the event.

Let’s see how this will help you find your content later on. In the Organizer’s top toolbar, click Media (exc01_032188372106.jpg) to exit Events view, and then click Events (exc01_032188372104.jpg) to return to that view. You should see the STS-135 event in the Media browser window. If you click it, the clips that you associated with the event will appear in the Media browser. If you hover your pointer over the calendar icon for a particular clip in the Media browser, you’ll see the event with which is has been associated.