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Using Pattern Brushes in Adobe Illustrator CC


  1. Creating a Pattern brush
  2. Applying a Pattern brush
  3. Editing the Pattern Brush

Article Description

In Adobe Illustrator CC, there are hundreds of interesting Pattern brushes that you can choose from when creating your own projects, from grass to cityscapes. This excerpt shows you how to apply an existing Pattern brush to a path.
Applying a Pattern brush

Applying a Pattern brush

In this section, you’ll apply the Border Pattern brush to a rectangular border around the artwork. As you’ve seen, when you use drawing tools to apply brushes to artwork, you first draw the path with the drawing tool and then select the brush in the Brushes panel to apply the brush to the path.

  1. Choose View > Fit Artboard In Window.
  2. With the Selection tool () selected, click the white stroke of the rectangle on the border.
  3. In the Tools panel, click the Fill box and make sure that None () is selected. Then, click the Stroke box and select None ().
  4. With the rectangle selected, click the Border brush in the Brushes panel. Choose Select > Deselect.

The rectangle is painted with the Border brush, with the side tile on the sides and the outer corner tile on
each corner.

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