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Getting Around Your Project in Adobe SpeedGrade CC

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Learn how to use the Timeline to navigate and play through your project along with how to use the Monitor and video scopes to evaluate the images you’re working on.
Timeline header controls

Timeline header controls

To complete the in-depth examination of the Timeline, let’s look at the track header controls at the left. A summary of the five controls follows:

  • The Drag track handle lets you reposition tracks up or down in the Timeline. Dragging this control completely out of the Timeline deletes that track and its contents.
  • Lock track prevents you from making any edits to the position or timing of clips on that track, but it doesn’t prevent you from making grades.
  • Disable track turns off the contents of that track.
  • Mute track mutes any audio associated with that track.

Underneath these controls, a Filmstrip Visibility button lets you toggle a filmstrip view on and off. The filmstrip shows you a series of thumbnails under each track that provides a clear visual reference of the contents of each clip.