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Enhanced Spot Removal in Lightroom 5

Article Description

Adobe Lightroom expert Dan Moughamian shows how the enhanced Spot Removal Brush in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 can clone or heal regions of pixels using the traditional “spot mode,” as well as the new freehand brush strokes. This enables a more natural, Photoshop-like workflow when retouching odd-shaped spots, linear groupings of pixels, and other challenges.
Brush-Stroke Corrections

Brush-Stroke Corrections

Now let’s look at how we can remove a contiguous region of pixels that go beyond just a single spot or location. For this example, we will use our eyes rather than spot visualization to decide on the pixels we want to replace. Here I’ll remove a faint streak of clouds immediately to the right of the arm-like cloud structure that points up to the moon.

First, I resized the brush so it is wide enough to draw a brush stroke over the entire streak, without going back and making secondary passes. Once your brush is set up properly, you just click and drag, and an identical-sized source overlay will be created. You can move the brush around in any direction as you drag, just like in Photoshop!

Figure 7 You can now create brush strokes with the Spot Removal tool in Lightroom 5 to expand your retouching options!

Note that the source and target brush stroke areas both have “pins” inside them that you can click on to select the correction area, or select the source area and drag it around. If you want to create a perfectly straight correction with your brush stroke, click an initial spot on the image where you want to start the correction. Then hold down the Shift key, move the cursor to the “end point,” and click a second time to create the straight lined correction.

When you’re finished with your spot and brushed corrections, you can click the Done button (to the right of the visualization controls), or just switch tools or panels to view the final results without overlays.