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Adobe Analytics with SiteCatalyst: Acquisition Analytics

Chapter Description

In this lesson, you’ll learn to analyze acquisition data. This will be particularly helpful if you’re an analyst who’s optimizing landing pages or a marketer who’s trying to determine which geographical location to focus your marketing efforts on.

Review answers

  1. In Version 14, you cannot break down conversion by geodata unless you have a VISTA rule that copies the data into custom conversion variables. However, in Version 15, you can create a visitor container with geosegmentation data. If you apply that segment to any report, you can break the conversion data by any geodata.
  2. Yes, if it is unique enough to identify a person. Even if it is a very common name, if there is other data that can be used in conjunction with the first name to identify a person, then it is considered PII.
  3. It depends on your conversion rate and, more importantly, your sales cycle.

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