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Organizing Media in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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Once you have some video and sound assets in your project, you’ll want to get on with looking through your footage and adding clips to a sequence. Before you do, it’s well worth spending a little time organizing the assets you have. Doing so can save you hours of hunting for things later.

Review answers

  1. Click the panel menu for the Project panel, and choose Metadata Display. Select the check box for any heading you would like to appear.
  2. Click into the Filter Bin Content box, and start typing the name of the clip you are looking for. Adobe Premiere Pro hides any clips that don’t match and displays those that do.
  3. Click the New Bin button at the bottom of the Project panel. Or, go to the File menu and choose New > Bin. Or, right-click a blank area in the Project panel and choose New Bin. Or, press Ctrl+/ (Windows) or Command+/ (Mac OS). You can also drag and drop clips onto the New Bin button on the Project panel.
  4. No, you can duplicate, rename, or delete clips in your Project panel, and nothing will happen to your original media files. Adobe Premiere Pro is a nondestructive editor and will not modify your original files.
  5. The spacebar plays and stops. J, K, and L can be used like a shuttle controller to play backward and forward, and the arrow keys can be used to move one frame backward or one frame forward.
  6. Right-click the clip you want to change, and choose Modify > Audio Channels. Choose the correct option (usually by selecting a preset), and click OK.

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