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An Adobe Analytics Reports Overview

Chapter Description

This chapter discusses Adobe Analytics reports—types of reports, sections of a report, and how to configure reports.

Report Breakdowns

A report breakdown is a type of segmentation that allows you to see how two or more reports relate to each other. They provide context around the metrics in Adobe Analytics.

Report breakdowns give you a further way to drill down on a report. For example, if you are viewing the Pages report, you can see the most popular pages by page views. However, you may want more information about these pages, so you break down the report by Time Spent per Visit metric, which allows you to see different intervals of time that visitors spent on a specific webpage, such as the home page.


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Pages report [Site Content > Pages]

How to Break Down a Report

  1. Navigate to the report you want to break down. Scroll down to the details section and click the Breakdown icon. (The Pages report is used here as an example.)

    Breakdown icon

  2. Select report from Breakdown list.
  3. Analyze data.

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    Pages report broken into Time Spent Per Visit

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