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An Adobe Analytics Reports Overview

Chapter Description

This chapter discusses Adobe Analytics reports—types of reports, sections of a report, and how to configure reports.

Miscellaneous Custom Report Options

Table 4.1. Miscellaneous Custom Report Options




Copy Report Graph

Copy a report to use it as a graph in a presentation or document.

More Actions > Copy Graph

Create Custom Report (Admin only)

Copy the report configuration to use at a later time.

More Actions > Create Custom Report

Compare Dates

Compare two separate date ranges on ranked reports.

Run Report; click Calendar and select Compare Dates; select dates and click Run Report.

Normalize Report Data

Display the percent of change between two reports.

Select Yes on the Normalize Data option.

Compare Report Suites

Display data from two separate suites in one report.

Run Report; click Compare to Site link, select report suite, and click OK.