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Digital Asset Management in Adobe Experience Manager

Chapter Description

Digital asset management is a critical part of delivering high-quality web experiences that contribute to the achievement of business goals. Adobe Experience Manager includes a digital asset management solution that unlocks these features within the context of a web experience management platform.

Review answers

  1. Managing multiple file formats in a single interface, finding assets effectively, handling high-quality media files that consume significant hardware resources, and allowing adaptation of digital media files
  2. DAM renditions are automatically generated versions of DAM assets. They are generated by AEM upon asset upload.
  3. Extensible metadata platform (XMP)
  4. Asset Share and Asset Editor
  5. Scene7 video enables a deep level of integration with the web content management functions of AEM, specifically with the content finder. In the long-term vision, the proprietary Scene7–AEM integration is likely to continue to become more robust and valuable.