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3D Photoshop: Inflating Objects from Photographs

Chapter Description

Learn how to model 3D objects directly from photographs, using Photoshop’s inflation tool.

Applying the preset

circle_1.jpg Here’s our second photograph, a cutout of a larva. You can download it from 3DPhotoshop.net.

circle_2.jpg Select the layer and choose 3D Extrusion from Layer in the 3D panel, then click Create to make the 3D object.

circle_3.jpg From the Properties panel, click on the first icon to go to the Mesh view and then choose the new preset, as described on the previous page.

circle_4.jpg Even though a preset has been applied, we can still modify the appearance. Here, I’ve dragged upward on the Inflate control to make the larva more rounded.

circle_5.jpg You’ll end up with 3D models of both the beetle and the larva: when you place them into a scene, as I’ve done here, you can get some truly spectacular results.


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