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3D Photoshop: Inflating Objects from Photographs

Chapter Description

Learn how to model 3D objects directly from photographs, using Photoshop’s inflation tool.

Completing the effect

circle_7.jpg With the pear now cut away from its background, switch to the 3D panel and extrude it as before, by choosing 3D Extrusion and clicking the Create button.

You’ll see the pear extruded backward, but it still has a flat face.


circle_8.jpg Select the first item in the Properties panel, to view the Mesh settings, and select the preset saved on page 38 to apply the beetle inflation effect to the pear.

You can see that the pear is now much more rounded on the front, but we’re not finished yet.


circle_9.jpg When you use the Move tool to turn the pear around, you can see the problem: only half a pear is there. That’s the issue we have to address next.


circle_10.jpg Take another look at the Properties panel, and switch to the Cap section by clicking the third icon at the top of the panel (this view will also appear when you use the Inflate controls).

Just below the top of the panel you’ll see the Sides pop-up menu. This is currently set to Front.


circle_11.jpg Change this setting to Front and Back, to make the inflation effect apply to both sides of the object.


circle_12.jpg Changing the setting now gives a fully rounded pear, with the texture on both sides. What’s actually happening here, though, is that the front texture is simply repeated on the back.

circle_13.jpg When you spin the pear around the inflation might seem too strong. You can adjust it, either by dragging directly on the Head-Up Display or by dragging the slider in the Properties panel.

circle_14.jpg Once again, in just a few clicks we’re able to turn a flat photograph into a real 3D object that we can view from any angle. This gives us tremendous flexibility when working with such photographs.

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