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Flash: It's All Grown Up Now


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Article Description

Flash is no longer a program in its formative years; it's all grown up! So what's changed in the 15 months in between versions 4 and 5? Let Derek Franklin, co-author of Flash 5! Creative Web Animation, walk you through the highlights.

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This article is excerpted from Flash 5! Creative Web Animation.

Change is a major part of life-a fact of which we are all frightfully aware sometimes. Why do I say frightfully? Well, you'd probably agree that most of the major changes we experienced in our formative years were not among the most pleasant, but definitely some of the most memorable. Getting that first haircut, loosing that first tooth or attending the first day of school away from the comfort of dear ol' Mom, just to name a few. Speaking of mothers, you'd also probably agree that the mother of all changes occurred during the teen years. If you were like me, this was the time when a cracking voice and clumsiness of Olympic proportions amounted to daily traumas. Sure, that whole process took me from being a boy to a man, but who said that was a good thing?

After experiencing puberty, my outlook on change was quite tainted. But as with everything else, that changed, too. It happened last fall, a couple of hours after I first loaded Flash 5 onto my computer and took it for a spin. Being the enemy of change that I am (or was), at first glance I wondered, "where is ol' faithful?" (my pet name for Flash 4). I knew this was an update to the software, but it didn't expect a complete overhaul. After an evening of experimentation, I popped Sheryl Crow into the CD tray, turned up the volume and began singing "You know that change (change, change), will do you good!" I quickly learned that I was no longer working with a program in its formative years. Now Flash is all grown up.

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