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Organizing Your Content in Adobe Premiere Elements 12

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Fast and efficient movie production requires organization before and during the edit. When you’re working with content from multiple sources and dates, Adobe Organizer is a very powerful tool for categorizing content and quickly finding video, audio clips, and pictures to use in your projects.

Viewing the completed movie before you start

To see what you’ll be creating in this lesson, take a look at the completed movie. You must be in Expert view to open the Project Assets panel to view the movie; if you are not, click Expert at the top of the Monitor panel (expert.jpg) to enter that view.

  1. At the upper left side of the Adobe Premiere Elements window, click the Project Assets button (projectassets.jpg) to open that panel. Locate Lesson04_Movie.mov (which should be the only file), and then double-click it to open the video into the preview window.
  2. Click the Play button to watch the video about a boat ride in the bayou, which you’ll build in this lesson.
  3. When you’re finished, close the preview window.
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