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Organizing Your Content in Adobe Premiere Elements 12

Chapter Description

Fast and efficient movie production requires organization before and during the edit. When you’re working with content from multiple sources and dates, Adobe Organizer is a very powerful tool for categorizing content and quickly finding video, audio clips, and pictures to use in your projects.

Review answers

  1. You must be in Expert view. The Project Assets panel does not appear in Quick view.
  2. This is a trick question; there is no difference. If you have Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Photoshop Elements installed, both programs can insert content into the same shared database and sort through and retrieve data from that database.
  3. The main content categories in the Organizer are People, Places, and Events.
  4. When you apply Smart Tagging to a clip, Adobe Premiere Elements analyzes the clip to detect scenes based on content; searches for specific content types, like faces; and ranks the quality of your clips. Other than processing time, there’s very little downside to applying Smart Tagging. Your video clips will be divided into useful scenes, and you can find high-quality clips much faster than you could manually.
  5. Click the clip with your pointer to select it, and then right-click and choose Break Apart InstantMovie.