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Working with Styles in InDesign 1.5

  • Date: Jun 1, 2001.

Creating a headline

In the blank area between the banner, “Sonata Cycles News,” and the beginning of the article, you’ll create a text frame for the article headline, “Team Sonata Captures 24 Hours Race.” This headline text frame will span the two columns. You’ll then apply a headline style to the newsletter.

  1. To mark the location of the top of your headline frame, drag a guide from the horizontal ruler to the 18p6 (18 picas, 6 points) location on page 1. To help you position the guide, watch the Y value in the Transform palette as you drag. Holding down Shift lets you drag in 6-point increments.

  2. Using the type tool (T), position the type cursor next to the left margin over the 18p6 guide. The horizontal crossbar on the type cursor should be at 18p6.

    type tool

  3. Drag to create a text frame in the blank area below the 18p6 guide and above the 21p guide. The text frame should span the two columns, and the top of the frame should snap to the 18p6 guide.

    text frame


    If you need to resize the frame, select the selection tool, and drag the top edge of the frame to snap to the 18p6 guide. Then select the type tool and click inside the frame.

    After you draw a text frame, the insertion point appears, ready for you to begin typing.

  4. In the text frame you just created, type Team Sonata Captures 24 Hours Race.

    type headline

    To make this headline consistent with other headlines used in the newsletter, you’ll apply the Head 1 style. When you apply a paragraph style, you can place the insertion point anywhere in the paragraph or select any part of the paragraph.

  5. With the insertion point anywhere in the headline text you just typed, select Head 1 in the Paragraph Styles palette.

    Head 1 style

  6. Save the file.

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