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Top 10 New Features in Adobe Illustrator CC 17.1 (January 2014)

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Brian Wood loves the handy new (and often long-awaited) features in Illustrator Creative Cloud (CC). In this article he shows you what they are and how to use them.

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Export/Import Settings

Export/Import Settings

In this newest release of Illustrator CC, you can now export and import application Illustrator settings like workspaces, default profiles, color settings, variable width profiles, and more. When Illustrator settings are exported, a settings package is generated, which is a single file that can be shared. This can be a great way to manually export settings from one computer to be imported into another copy of Illustrator on another machine so that the settings can match.

In order to export Illustrator settings, you can choose Edit > My Settings > Export Settings. Once you select a location where you would like the settings package to be saved (see Figure 17), the settings package file can be brought to another machine (copy, email, FTP, etc.) and imported.

Figure 17 Export the Illustrator settings

It’s just as easy to import those settings by choosing Edit > My Settings > Import Settings. A warning will appear indicating that Illustrator needs to be restarted after you choose the settings package file to import (see Figure 18).

Figure 18 Restart after import of Illustrator settings

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