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Saving Assets with Adobe Generator

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This excerpt from Adobe After Effects CC Classroom in a Book (2014 release) shows you how Adobe Generator can easily generate a JPEG, PNG, or GIF image from the contents of a layer or layer group in a Photoshop file.
Preview images in a browser

Preview images in a browser

A web browser displays all image files at 72 dpi. You can compare the logo assets you generated to see who they have been scaled.

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Choose File > Open File, and then navigate to the Lesson13/13Working-assets folder.
  3. Double-click the logo_8.jpg file to open it.
  4. The logo is three times its original size, but kept the same resolution.

  5. Open the logo.gif file.
  6. It’s half the size it was in the Photoshop file.

    You’ve successfully generated the images you need to build the website.

  7. Return to Photoshop. Choose File > Generator > Image Asset.
  8. The assets you generated are unaffected, but Generator is disabled.

  9. Save the file, and then close it.