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Processing Photos in Lightroom's Develop Module

Chapter Description

Jan Kabili shows you how to use the intuitive controls in Lightroom’s Develop module to adjust color, tone, and composition without changing the pixels in your photographs.

Review questions

  1. When you adjust a photograph in Lightroom’s Develop module, do your adjustments change image pixels in the photograph?

  2. If you close Lightroom after making adjustments to a photograph and reopen Lightroom a week later, when you open that photograph in the Develop module will your previous adjustments be listed in the History panel?

  3. Lightroom has many controls for making global adjustments to a photograph. When you want to make targeted, local adjustments, do you always have to pass a photograph off to Photoshop for that purpose?

  4. What does the Exposure slider do in the current Lightroom process version?

  5. Is there one right way to white balance a photograph?

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