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Animating Symbols in Adobe Flash Professional CC (2014 release)

Chapter Description

In this excerpt from Adobe Flash Professional CC Classroom in a Book (2014 release), learn how to use Flash Professional to change almost any aspect of an object—position, color, transparency, size, rotation, and more—over time. Motion tweening is the basic technique of creating animation with symbol instances.

Testing Your Movie

You can quickly preview your animation by “scrubbing” the red playhead back and forth on the Timeline or by choosing Control > Play. You can also use the integrated Controller at the bottom of the Timeline.

However, to preview your animation as your audience will see it and to preview any nested animations within movie clip symbols, you should test your movie. Choose Control > Test.

Flash exports the published files—in this case, a SWF file—and saves it in the same location as your FLA file. The SWF file is the compressed, final Flash media that you would embed in an HTML page to play in a browser with the Flash Player. Flash displays the SWF file in a new window with the exact Stage dimensions and plays your animation.

To exit Test Movie mode, click the Close window button.

You can also preview your animation by choosing Control > Test Movie > in Browser, and Flash will export a SWF file and open it automatically in your default browser.

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