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Transforming Artwork in Adobe Illustrator CC

Chapter Description

In this excerpt from Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book (2014 release), you’ll create content and use it in a ticket for a sporting event. You'll learn how to add, edit, rename, reorder and navigate artboards, work with rulers and guides, move, scale, and rotate objects, reflect, shear, and distort objects, position objects with precision, position and align content with Smart Guides, use the Free Transform tool to distort an object, and create a PDF.

Review questions

  1. Name two ways to change the size of an existing active artboard.
  2. How can you rename an artboard?
  3. What is the ruler origin?
  4. What is the difference between artboard rulers and global rulers?
  5. Briefly describe what the Scale Strokes & Effects option does.
  6. Name at least three transformations that can be applied with the Free Transform tool.
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