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Huge Time-Saving Features in Illustrator

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Brian Wood, web developer and author of Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 Classroom in a Book, shows you how to work faster using several time-saving features in Adobe Illustrator.

Recolor Artwork

A great time-saver is the ability to recolor selected artwork easily. In Illustrator, you can select artwork with different fills (like a logo), and recolor all of the fill colors at once or independently using a single dialog box.

If you select artwork in your Illustrator document, you can then click the Recolor Artwork button in the Control panel or at the bottom of the Color Guide panel. In the Recolor Artwork dialog box, you can edit colors independently or together, merge colors to create tints or shades, “map” existing color groups to the colors in the selected artwork, and much more (see Figure 9). This feature can be also be a great solution for everyday issues like converting artwork to grayscale or even applying a single Pantone with tints.

Figure 9

Figure 9 Recolor artwork easily