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Huge Time-Saving Features in Illustrator

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Brian Wood, web developer and author of Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 Classroom in a Book, shows you how to work faster using several time-saving features in Adobe Illustrator.

Graphic Styles

Graphic Styles are a time-saver because they capture object formatting like strokes, fills, effects, and more. You can give the captured formatting a name and apply it wherever you need it later on.

Illustrator comes with a series of Graphic Styles libraries you can check out. Open the Graphic Styles panel and click the Graphic Styles Libraries Menu button at the bottom of the panel to see the available libraries (see Figure 11).

Figure 11

Figure 11 Explore graphic style libraries in Illustrator

You can select a graphic style in a library to add it to the documents Graphic Style panel. You can then apply the graphic styles to your artwork; this is a great way to see how things are done in Illustrator (see Figure 4).

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