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Enhancing PDF Documents

Chapter Description

In this chapter from Adobe Acrobat DC Classroom in a Book, you'll learn how to enhance Adobe PDF documents, including rearranging, rotating, renumbering, and inserting pages, editing links and bookmarks, and inserting video and other multimedia files.

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Adobe Acrobat DC Classroom in a Book

Adobe Acrobat DC Classroom in a Book

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Review questions

  1. How can you change the order of pages in a PDF document?
  2. How do you insert an entire PDF file into another PDF file?
  3. How can you correct a link’s destination?
  4. What is a bookmark?

Review answers

  1. You can change the page order by dragging the page thumbnails corresponding to the pages you want to move to their new locations in the Page Thumbnails panel.
  2. To insert all the pages from a PDF file before or after any page in another PDF file, select the Organize Pages tool, choose Insert > From File, and then select the file you want to insert. Specify where in the document the pages should be inserted.
  3. To correct a link’s destination, select the Edit PDF tool, and then choose Link > Add Or Edit. Next, double-click the incorrect link. Then click the Actions tab in the Link Properties dialog box, click Edit, and type the correct page number in the Page box in the Go To A Page In This Document dialog box. Click OK.
  4. A bookmark is simply a link represented by text in the Bookmarks panel.