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Enhancing PDF Documents

Chapter Description

In this chapter from Adobe Acrobat DC Classroom in a Book, you'll learn how to enhance Adobe PDF documents, including rearranging, rotating, renumbering, and inserting pages, editing links and bookmarks, and inserting video and other multimedia files.

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Working with bookmarks

A bookmark is simply a link represented by text in the Bookmarks panel. While bookmarks that are created automatically by many authoring programs are generally linked to headings in the text or to figure captions, you can also add your own bookmarks in Acrobat to create a custom outline of a document or to open other documents.

Additionally, you can use electronic bookmarks as you would paper bookmarks— to mark a place in a document that you want to highlight or return to later.

Adding a bookmark

First, you’ll add a bookmark for the second topic on page 6, the section titled “Previous Meridien Conference sponsor and event results.”

  1. Go to page 6 in the document, so that you can see the event results.
  2. Open the Bookmarks panel, and then click the Conference highlights bookmark.

    Your new bookmark will be added directly below the selected bookmark.

  3. Click the New Bookmark button (p0103_01.jpg) at the top of the Bookmarks panel.

    A new, untitled bookmark appears.

  4. In the text box of the new bookmark, type Previous conference results.

    Press Enter or Return to accept the name.

Changing a bookmark destination

A couple of bookmarks link to the wrong pages. You’ll change those now.

  1. In the Bookmarks panel, click the Why participate? bookmark. The document pane displays the “What is the City of Meridien Conference?” page.

  2. Click the Next Page button (p0094_01.jpg) twice to go to page 5 (6 of 13) of the document, which is the page you want the bookmark to link to.
  3. From the options menu at the top of the Bookmarks panel, choose Set Bookmark Destination. Click Yes in the confirmation message to update the bookmark destination.

  4. Repeat the process to correct the destination of the “What is the City of Meridien Conference?” bookmark, which should be linked to page 3 (4 of 13).
  5. Choose File > Save to save the Conference Guide_revised.pdf file.
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