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Working with Objects in Adobe InDesign CC (2015 release)

Chapter Description

In this excerpt from Adobe InDesign CC Classroom in a Book (2015 release), you'll learn how to work with layers, create and edit text frames and graphics frames, import graphics into graphics frames, import multiple graphics into a grid of frames, crop, move, and scale graphics, adjust the space between frames, add captions to graphics frames, place and link graphics frames, change the shape of frames, wrap text around an object, create complex frame shapes, convert frame shapes to other shapes, modify and align objects, select and modify multiple objects, and create a QR code.

Selecting and modifying grouped objects

Earlier you aligned the “evolve” logo at the top of page 2 to the center of the page. Now you’ll change the fill color of some of the logo’s shapes. Because they’re grouped, you can select and modify them as a unit. You’ll now change the fill color of just a few of the shapes without ungrouping or changing the other objects of the group.

The Direct Selection tool, or a set of commands in the Object menu (Object > Select), lets you select individual objects in a grouped object.

  1. Choose View > Fit Spread In Window.
  2. With the Selection tool (selectiontool.jpg), click the “evolve” group at the top of page 2. If you want, use the Zoom tool (zoomtool.jpg) to magnify the area you’re working on.

  3. Click the Select Content button (contentbutton.jpg) in the Control panel to select one object in the group without ungrouping.

  4. Click the Select Previous Object button (selectpreviousobjectbutton.jpg) in the Control panel six times to select the first “e” in the word “evolve.” Note that the Select Next Object button selects in the opposite direction.

  5. Using the Direct Selection tool (directselecttool.jpg), hold down the Shift key and click the “v,” “l,” “v,” and “e” letters in the logo to simultaneously select them.
  6. Click the Swatches panel icon or choose Window > Color > Swatches. Click the Fill box at the top of the Swatches panel and choose [Paper] to fill the letter shapes with a white color.

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