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Animating Symbols

Understanding the Project File

The 04Start.fla file contains a few of the animated elements already or partially completed. Each of the six layers—man, woman, Middle_car, Right_car, footer, and ground—contains an animation. The man and woman layers are in a folder called actors, and the Middle_car and Right_car layers are in a folder called cars.

You’ll be adding more layers to create an animated cityscape, refining the animation of one of the actors, as well as adding a third car and a 3D title. All the necessary graphic elements have been imported into the library. The Stage is set at a generous 1280 pixels by 787 pixels, and the Stage color is black. You might need to choose a different view option to see the entire Stage. Choose View > Magnification > Fit In Window, or choose Fit In Window from the view options at the upper-right corner of the Stage, to view the Stage at a magnification percentage that fits your screen.

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