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Animating Symbols

Animating Filters

Filters, which give instances special effects such as blurs and drop shadows, can also be animated. You’ll refine the motion tween of the actors next by applying a blur filter to one of them to make it appear as if the camera changes focus. Animating filters is no different from animating changes in position or changes in color effect. You simply set the values for a filter at one keyframe and set different values for the filter at another keyframe, and Animate creates a smooth transition.

  1. Make sure that the actors layer folder on the Timeline is visible.

  2. Unlock the woman layer.

  3. Move the red playhead to the beginning keyframe of the motion tween in the woman layer, at frame 23.

  4. Select the instance of the woman on the Stage. You won’t be able to see her because she has an alpha value of 0% (totally transparent). Click the upper-right side of the Stage to select the transparent instance. Or, click the woman layer in the Timeline to highlight it; then click within the outline that appears on the Stage.

  5. In the Properties panel, expand the Filters section.

  6. Click the Add Filter button in the Filters section and choose Blur from the menu to add a blur to the instance.

  7. In the Filters section of the Properties panel, make sure that the link icons are selected in order to to constrain the blur values to both the x and y directions equally. Set the Blur X and Blur Y values to 20 pixels.

  8. Move the red playhead across the entire Timeline to preview the animation.

    The woman instance is blurred throughout the motion tween.

  9. Right-click the woman layer at frame 140, and choose Insert Keyframe > Filter.

    Animate establishes a keyframe for filters at frame 140.

  10. Move the red playhead to frame 160, and right-click the woman layer and choose Insert Keyframe > Filter to add another filter keyframe.

  11. Select the instance of the woman on the Stage at frame 160.

  12. In the Properties panel, change the value of the Blur filter to X=0 and Y=0.

    The Blur filter changes from the keyframe at frame 140 to the keyframe at 160. Animate creates a smooth transition from a blurry instance to an in-focus instance.

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