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Working with Shape Layers

Duplicating and modifying a composition

You’ll use the Drop composition as a starting point for a similar composition that uses different fill and stroke options.

  1. In the Project panel, select the Drop composition, and choose Edit > Duplicate to create a copy of the composition.

  2. Double-click the Drop 2 composition in the Project panel to open it. Then, in the Timeline panel, expand the Drop layer, and then the Contents category.

  3. Select Shape 1, and then choose Fill from the Add pop-up menu.

  4. Expand Fill 1, click the Color box, and choose any fill color you like.

  5. Expand Stroke 1, click the Color box, and choose the stroke color you like.

  6. Move the current-time indicator across the time ruler to preview the rotating pinwheels.

  7. Hide all the properties for the layer.

  8. Choose File > Save to save your work so far.

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