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Working with Objects

Drawing lines and modifying arrowheads

InDesign CC (2017 Release) introduces a new line-related capability: the ability to scale arrowheads independently of line size. Next, you’ll use this new feature to complete the design of the newsletter.

  1. Select the Line tool (tool.jpg). Position the pointer on the left margin guide on page 4, slightly below the text frame with the “Customer Testimonials” text.

  2. While pressing the Shift key, drag horizontally from the left margin guide to the vertical column guide at the right of the second column.

  3. Click the Stroke panel icon or choose Window > Stroke to open the Stroke panel. Choose 4 from the Weight menu, CircleSolid from the Start Arrowhead menu, and Curved from the End Arrowhead menu.

  4. Make sure Link Start And End Arrowhead Scales is not selected (04_scale1.jpg) so that you can independently scale the start and end arrowheads. Enter 75 in the Scale Factor For Start Arrowhead box; enter 150 in the Scale Factor For End Arrowhead box, and press Enter or Return.

  5. Choose File > Save.

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