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Working with Objects

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  1. Use the Selection tool for general layout tasks, such as positioning, rotating, and resizing objects. Use the Direct Selection tool for tasks involving editing paths or frames, such as moving an anchor point on a path or selecting an object within a group and then changing the object’s fill or stroke color.

  2. To resize a graphics frame and its content simultaneously, select the frame with the Selection tool, hold down Shift+Ctrl (Windows) or Shift+Command (Mac OS), and then drag a handle. This keyboard combination ensures that objects and contents will be scaled proportionally. (If you don’t include the Shift key while dragging, the object’s and content’s proportions are not maintained.) Alternatively, you can enable the Auto-Fit feature for a selected graphics frame and resize it without the need to hold down the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) key.

  3. To rotate a graphic within a frame, use the Selection tool to select the graphic within the frame by clicking within the content grabber. Then position the pointer slightly outside any of the four corner handles and drag to rotate the graphic. Add the Shift key while dragging to constrain rotation to increments of 45°. You can also rotate a selected graphic by changing the Rotation Angle value in the Control panel.

  4. To select an object within a group, use the Selection tool (04_selection.jpg) to select the group, and then click the Select Content button (04_select-content.jpg) in the Control panel to select one object in the group. You can then click the Select Previous Object or Select Next Object button to select different objects in the group. You can also select an object in a group by clicking the object with the Direct Selection tool (04_direct-sele.jpg) or double-clicking it with the Selection tool.

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