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Working with Objects

Adding metadata captions to graphics frames

You can automatically generate captions for placed graphics based on metadata information stored in the original graphic files. Next, you’ll use the metadata captions feature to automatically add photographer credits to the pictures using metadata information.

InDesign lets you create either static captions, which generate caption text from a graphic’s metadata and must be updated manually, or live captions, which are variables that retain links to a graphic’s metadata and can be automatically updated.

  1. With the Selection tool (04_selection.jpg), Shift-click to select the six graphics frames.

  2. Click the Links panel icon to display the Links panel, and then choose Captions > Caption Setup from the panel menu.

  3. In the Caption Setup dialog box, specify the following settings:

    • In the Text Before box, type Photo by. (Make sure to enter a space character after by. Don’t add a period after the space character.)

    • Choose Author from the Metadata menu; leave the Text After box blank.

    • Choose Below Image from the Alignment menu.

    • Choose Photo Credit from the Paragraph Style menu.

    • In the Offset box, enter p2.

  4. Click OK to save the settings and close the Caption Setup dialog box.

  5. From the Links panel menu, choose Captions > Generate Static Captions.

    Each of the graphic files contains a metadata element named “Author,” which stores the name of the photographer. This metadata information is used when the photo credit caption is generated.

  6. Choose Edit > Deselect All, and then choose File > Save.

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