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Working with Objects

Wrapping text around a graphic

With InDesign you can wrap text around the rectangular bounding box of any object, around objects of any shape, and around the contours of imported images. As you wrap text around the Yield sign in this exercise, you’ll see the difference between wrapping around its bounding box and around the shape of the graphic.

Your first task is to move the Yield sign graphic. For precise positioning, you can use the Smart Guides that are displayed dynamically when you create, move, or resize objects.

  1. Using the Selection tool (04_selection.jpg), select the graphics frame with the image of a Yield sign on the pasteboard to the right of page 3. Make sure to click when the arrow pointer is displayed. If you click when the hand pointer is displayed, you’ll select the graphic instead of the graphics frame.

  2. Being careful not to select one of the handles, drag the frame to the left so that the center point of the frame is aligned with the center point of the text frame that contains the article text. When the two center points align, you should see a purple vertical Smart Guide and a green horizontal Smart Guide appear. When these guidelines appear, release the mouse button.

    Make sure that you have moved the frame onto the page without changing its size. Notice that the graphic overlaps the text. You’ll change this by applying a text wrap.

  3. Use the Zoom tool to zoom in on the frame you just moved. Choose Window > Text Wrap. In the Text Wrap panel, select Wrap Around Bounding Box (04_box.jpg) to wrap the text around the bounding box rather than around the Yield graphic’s shape. If necessary, choose Show Options from the panel menu to display all of the controls in the Text Wrap panel.

    This option leaves too much white space for your desired design, so you’ll try another Text Wrap option.

  4. Select Wrap Around Object Shape (04_shape.jpg). In the Wrap Options section, choose Both Right & Left Sides from the Wrap To menu if it isn’t already selected. In the Contour Options section, choose Detect Edges from the Type menu. Enter 1p in the Top Offset box to add space between the edge of the graphic and the text, and press Enter or Return. Click a blank area to deselect all, or choose Edit > Deselect All.

  5. Close the Text Wrap panel, and choose File > Save.

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