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Editing and Combining Shapes and Paths

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Explore how to both edit and combine shapes and paths in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017).


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Soon after you begin creating simple paths and shapes, you will most likely want to take them further in order to create more complex artwork. In this lesson, you’ll explore how to both edit and combine shapes and paths.

Starting the lesson

In Lesson 3, “Using Shapes to Create Artwork for a Postcard,” you learned about creating and making edits to basic shapes. In this lesson, you’ll take basic shapes and paths and learn how to both edit and combine them to create new artwork.

  1. To ensure that the tools and panels function exactly as described in this lesson, delete or deactivate (by renaming) the Adobe Illustrator CC preferences file. See “Restoring default preferences” in the “Getting Started” section at the beginning of the book.

  2. Start Adobe Illustrator CC.

  3. Choose File > Open. Locate the file named L4_end.ai, which is in the Lessons > Lesson04 folder that you copied onto your hard disk. This file contains the finished artwork.

  4. Choose View > Fit All In Window; leave the file open for reference, or choose File > Close (I closed it).

  5. Choose File > Open. In the Open dialog box, navigate to the Lessons > Lesson04 folder, and select the L4_start.ai file on your hard disk. Click Open to open the file.

  6. Choose File > Save As. In the Save As dialog box, change the name to BirdInTheHand.ai (Mac OS) or BirdInTheHand (Windows), and choose the Lesson04 folder. Leave the Format option set to Adobe Illustrator (ai) (Mac OS) or the Save As Type option set to Adobe Illustrator (*.AI) (Windows), and click Save.

  7. In the Illustrator Options dialog box, leave the Illustrator options at their default settings, and click OK.

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