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Layer Basics

Updating layer effects

Layer effects are automatically updated when you make changes to a layer. You can edit the text and watch how the layer effect tracks the change.

  1. Select the Island Paradise layer in the Layers panel.

  2. In the Tools panel, select the Horizontal Type tool (04_hori.jpg).

  3. In the options bar, set the font size to 32 points, and press Enter or Return.

    Although you didn’t select the text by dragging the Type tool (as you would have to do in a word processing program), “Island Paradise” now appears in 32-point type.

  4. Using the Horizontal Type tool, click between “Island” and “Paradise,” and type of.

    As you edit the text, the layer styles are applied to the new text.

  5. You don’t actually need the word “of,” so delete it.

  6. Select the Move tool (04_move.jpg), and drag “Island Paradise” to center it beneath the word “HAWAII.”

  7. Choose File > Save.

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