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Compose an Animated HTML5 Greeting with Adobe Animate CC


Wow…that was a lot of content we just covered! You used a large variety of tools and techniques to build an animated greeting that can be run in your web browser without the need for Flash Player to be installed. That means your greeting will also run on mobile devices like Android phones and iPads. Of course, even if you do have Flash Player installed on your desktop, this project doesn’t rely on or use it.

While working on this project, you’ve seen how easily some of the tools and concepts we already covered when targeting Flash Player are adapted to new publish targets. You’ve also explored new tools and techniques such as vector art brushes, the Paint Brush tool, variable-width strokes, the Width tool, armature layers, the Bones tool, graphic and movie clip symbols and instances, text effects, and HTML5 Canvas and WebGL publish targets.

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