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Compositing with Green Screen Effects

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from Learn Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Video Communication: Adobe Certified Associate Exam Preparation, 2nd Edition, you will complete a project scenario on weather reports to learn how the television industry uses compositing with green screen effects. Learn how to “key out” a background, import a layered Adobe Photoshop CC file, and more.

Exporting Final Video and Audio

When you’re satisfied with how the sequence looks, export the final video using the H.264 YouTube 720 HD preset for easy online delivery and playback to the audience at the retirement home. As you did in Chapter 2, export the sequence to the Adobe Media Encoder queue for final rendering. But before you click the Render button, remember that one of the deliverables is an MP3 audio file that can be used to create a transcript for the hearing-impaired. You can easily create the audio file from the same sequence in Adobe Media Encoder so you don’t have to export twice from Premiere Pro.

To set up creation of the MP3 audio file:

  1. In Adobe Media Encoder, select the weatherReport sequence you exported from Premiere Pro, and click the Duplicate button (Figure 4.22).

    Figure 4.22

    Figure 4.22 Duplicating the weatherReport sequence

  2. In the Preset Browser panel, expand the System Presets list and then expand the Audio Only list.

  3. Drag the MP3 128Kps preset from the Preset Browser, and drop it on the duplicated sequence (Figure 4.23). The Format and Preset for the duplicate sequence change to indicate the new settings.

    Figure 4.23

    Figure 4.23 Dropping a preset onto a sequence

When you click the green Start Queue button in the Queue panel, Media Encoder will process the items in the queue, producing H.264 video and MP3 audio versions of the sequence for you.

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