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Reframing, Retouching, and Recomposing Images

Chapter Description

This sample chapter from Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 Classroom in a Book teaches a range of techniques for cropping, retouching, and rearranging the composition of images.

Working with text

Whether you wish to fit an image to a specific purpose or simply add a message, the Photoshop Elements type tools make it easy to create good-looking text.

  1. In the toolbar, click to select the Horizontal Type tool (common59.jpg). In the tool options pane, choose Adobe Garamond Pro Bold from the Font menu. Type 110 pt in the Font Size box; then, press Enter / Return. Choose Center Text (common.jpg) from the text alignment options.

  2. In the tool options bar, click the text color swatch to the right of the font menus. As you move the pointer over the Color Swatches picker, it becomes an eyedropper cursor. Use the eyedropper cursor to select the white swatch in the top row; then, press the Esc key to close the Color Swatches picker.

  3. With the Type tool, click below the center of the black space beneath the photo and type GREETINGS FROM SEATTLE. Swipe over the text to select it. Click the foreground color swatch (now white) below the tools in the toolbar to open the Color Picker. Move the pointer over the image window; the cursor becomes an eyedropper.

  4. Move the eyedropper over the light blue portion of the shirt; refer to the illustration at the right. Click to sample the blue and then click OK in the Color Picker to close it.

  5. Swipe over the word SEATTLE to select it; then, click the foreground color swatch and use the eyedropper to sample a pinkish-red from the girl’s shorts near her hand. Click OK in the Color Picker to close it.

  6. Click the green Commit button (common36.jpg) at the lower-right corner of the new text. Drag the text with the Move tool to center it. Use the handles on the text bounding box to resize it slightly if necessary; then commit the changes.

  7. Choose File > Save As. Name the file 07_01_Seattle and save it to your My CIB Work folder in Photoshop format with Layers activated, to be included in the Organizer but not in a version set. Choose File > Close.

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